This week’s flower is the hydrangea, which are in full bloom all over the place. Hydrangeas do great when cut and brought into the house and can last a good while. They are also perfect to dry out and use for years to come in dried flower arrangements. Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful and elegant flowers, widely used in weddings and entertainement venues. The color of the hydrangea can be changed by adding lime to the soil to change the level of ph. Most common colors range from light pink to a deep purple. If you bring in a hydrangea and find it is hosting insects a safe method to rid the bugs is let the flower bloom sit outside in water and the bugs will swim away. This method also hydrates the flower and will help it last longer after being cut.

Hydrangeas make a great gift because they can be planted in the yard after the bloom has been enjoyed. It will grow easily with minimal care. Click here to see Pugh’s fabulous head over heels bouquet that includes pink Hydrangeas.