Below is a fun way to decorate on Movie Night.

Pop Corn Rah! – Recipe by Jill Slater

Pop Corn Rah!
  • 1 Novelty popcorn container
  • 1 brick floral foam
  • 6 or 7 stems white Fuji Chrysanthemums
  • Floral clippers, knife and floral food/preservative
Step 1 – Soak the foam for about 30 minutes in water that has been treated with floral preservative.
Step 2 – Fill the novelty popcorn container with floral foam.
Step 3 – Cut the chrysanthemums to about 4-inches in length.
Step 4 – Insert the flowers into the foam so that just their blossoms poke out from the rim of the container.

This is a fun idea for those nights when take out is in order. Make it fun and romantic by mixing roses with the traditional take out containers.