Here are some suggestions from our friends at Mayfield Florist.

  • Flowers can be used as a low centerpiece -with or without candles- to create a main focal point for your table.
  • They can be floated in vases or glasses to create a simple and elegant cluster or placed in a line across the center of the table.
  • Individual flowers could be placed on top of an individuals plate as a place marker to welcome them to the table.
  • Flowers can be mixed with fruits or vegetables in an arrangement to complement the seasonal food on the table.
  • Fall leaves and flowers can be scattered across the center of the table as a natural table runner or around the platters on a buffet table.
  • Topiaries can be placed at the ends of a buffet table to accentuate the food.
  • Keepsake containers can be used to create a special holiday centerpiece and saved for the next years decorations.