Oh So Fabulous Flower Trends for 2010

Organic Texture

Don’t be afraid to add a little organic texture to your sumptuous flower designs. Buds, branches, and berries are going to be used in abundance this year. There are so many different organic, seasonal items that can be incorporated into your bridal designs, why limit your designs to flowers?
In the fall, crimson leaves, fresh Massachusetts bittersweet branches and clusters of  juicy red grapes make stunning additions to any centerpiece or bridal hand held.  In the winter, when  local flowers are scarce in many areas, why not try to include velvety brown magnolia leaves, fiddlehead fern fronds, or accents of a deep red blueberry branch. Papery white birch bark is also the perfect organic element to add  sophistication to winter arrangements. Spring and summer arrangements can also be enhanced by the addition of organic texture. Try immature fresh fruit, contorted willow branches, or succulents to take designs to the next level of complexity.

ariella chezar bridal 2photocolage

Noteworthy Wraps
One of the newest trends that is here to stay in the new decade, is noteworthy bridal arrangement wraps. There are so many creative ways to secure and dress up the gathered stems that make up the base of the hand held bouquet. One style of wrap that makes our “Oh So Fabulous” list is the new trendy oversized collar look.  The collar that falls just below the blooms and above the gathered stems, can be designed with doubled over tropical foliage. Also, the look can be achieved by bunching and layering long strands of satin ribbon or suede.  This look became an instant trend when it was introduced by a leading New York designer (and a favorite of Four Winds), Ariella Chezar. Ariella also adds feminine detailing such as ruffles, and multiple draped satin strands, as shown in the picture of her inspiring pink and orange designs.

Monochromatic Simplicity
Wether you are adorning your bridesmaids with clusters of golden blooms or dressing your reception tables with pink pomander balls, strive for monochromatic simplicity. A  shot of pure color offers a sense of rejuvenation. It is not necessary to stick to one color for your entire wedding color palette. However, monochromatic floral designs add elegant additions to decor while keeping lines clean.  These types of designs are perfect for urban or beach weddings hosted by savvy couples.