Valentine’s Day will be here soon! This year Pugh’s Flowers would like to help you plan ahead. Every Year you plan to have your gift delivered on Valentine’s Day. However consider the option of delivering in advance. This way the magic of Valentine’s Day will last longer than just one day.

Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year. Although it is great receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day consider what sending flowers early would mean for your loved one. Here are some great reasons to ponder….
1. Delivering early is definitely more of a surprise! She expects a gift on Valentine’s Day, However delivering the day or two before is not expected and will be a pleasant surprise!!

2. You Just Couldn’t Wait!!! The chance to be the first one to say Happy Valentine’s Day and I love You is a great reason to be the early bird. She will appreciate flowers and candy anytime so why not do it sooner than later.

3. Avoid the Hassle. Ordering early helps you to avoid the rush and hassle of Valentine’s Day. If you have your gift delivered early it comes with the piece of mind that she will receive her flowers before Valentine’s Day afternoon. Having them delivered a day or two early is an even better idea because you know that she will be able to enjoy them the whole day!!!!! While others are waiting for their gift to be delivered your sweetheart will already be enjoying hers!!!!

4. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Monday this year, it’s a perfect opportunity to celebrate your love all weekend long.

  • Send flowers to your sweetheart at work on Friday, Feb. 11 with a note reading, “Looking forward to a romantic weekend” or “I couldn’t wait to say I Love You.” She’ll be the first to receive Valentine’s Day flowers.
  • Surprise your sweetheart by having flowers delivered to her at home on Saturday, Feb. 12

Remember that whatever you are planning on for this Valentine’s Day here at Pugh’s we want to help you make it special! Stop on by one of our three locations in town and see what we can do for you!