Everyone knows that flowers make people happy and enhance people’s
moods, but the mood power of flowers may be even greater than we
realize. Science has proven time and again that flowers play a powerful
role in our lives, but their positive effect on our mental health is
nothing short of incredible.

A study conducted by Rutgers University found that every single one
of its 150 test participants expressed happiness upon receiving even one
flower. The reaction was universal throughout all age groups and
included both men and women. The study confirmed the possibility that
flowers may, in fact, affect brain chemistry.


Be Happy Mug by Pugh’s Flowers

Studies show that besides making us happy, flowers are also proven to:

– fuel creativity and quick thinking
– make employees more productive
– help with stress reduction
– increase focus
– feed compassion
– lower blood pressure
– trigger memory
– boost energy levels

Giving is receiving

What really sets flowers apart from other gifts is that the act of
giving may actually be more beneficial than receiving. A study by Texas
A&M concluded that givers were perceived as caring, successful and
emotionally intelligent people who possess the ability to not only
express their own feelings but to take the time to understand the
feelings of others.
Studies have also shown that a person can actually influence and
change what others think of them in a significant way through the gifts
they give, and perhaps no other gifts have the ability to evoke such
positive feelings and perceptions as flowers.

Find the right mood

When a person sends flowers – or purchases them for their own
enjoyment – the types of flowers they choose may play a significant role
in enhancing a particular mood. Warm color flowers in reds, yellows and
oranges boost energy and stimulate the brain, making people more alert
and creative. On the other end of the spectrum, cool color flowers and
plants in greens and blues tend to create a more soothing effect by
slowing the production of stress hormones to aid in relaxation.

No matter what the occasion, flowers are indeed the perfect gift of
happiness and positive vibes – they are a potent mood elevator and a
natural source of pleasure. Call Pugh’s Flowers today and let us help
you experience for yourself – the incredible mood power of flowers.