It’s spring and that means it’s time for prom.  Every Friday and Saturday night in April you will see kids all dressed up with their dancing shoes on! Prom accessories are a fun way to give your date a little gift while accessorizing the dress and tux.  The corsage should not exactly match the dress, but rather should compliment and accent it. An example would be that if a dress is a soft pink, the corsage would be a great compliment if it was a mix of soft pastels, maybe blues, whites and yellows. This is allow the dress to shine while providing some accent colors.
Corsages can also be worn on the ankle if the wrist is getting in the way! It’s a great way to be different and get attention to those fabulous shoes too!
Men like the bling on their bouts more than they are willing to admit often times. Adding a little silver or crystal sparkles to the traditional rose bout will set the party mood and look great in pictures!

Contact Pugh’s Flowers for all of your prom accessory needs. Lots of ladies prefer the handheld bouquet to the wrist corsage. It looks great it pictures, makes a great keepsake if the flowers are dried afterward and can be set down while dancing the night away.