Autumn is here even though it’s still hot outside.  In the trendy market of gift giving or event planning, it’s time for rich, warm colors and textured floral arrangements.

Here are some of the most popular blooms in season in the fall:

  • September: Hyacinth, alstromeria, gerbera,
    daffodil,  iris, lillium stargazer, magnolia, rose, snap dragon,
    stock, sunflower, zinnia.
  • October: Stock, alstromeria, calla, delphinium, gerbera, iris, liatris, magniolia, rose, snap dragon, sunflower.

Some of these are specialty blooms and will need weeks to order, while others are kept in stock locally.  Fall seems to be one of our customer’s favorite times of the year to send a bouquet. The house or office will thrive with warm, seasonal color!

A few new fall arrangements at Pugh’s Flowers: