p1Here in Memphis, we love our green plants and are excited to celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day today!p2

On January 10th every year, the green plant is celebrate in all of its glory, including blooming plants like orchids and violets as well as other green plants that offer a range of color and texture to their leaves.

In honor of houseplants, we have put together some highlights from our Plant Care guide located on our website.

Here are some of the various types of houseplants you may see or have along with some tips on ensuring they have a long and happy life in your home or office:p3

  • African violets provide a beautiful bloom of purple flowers. As a houseplant, they prefer no direct sunlight and moist soil with good drainage. They like moderately warm temperatures and prefer fertilizer made specifically for them.
  • Azaleas like diffused light and cooler temperatures as both conditions help them keep their blooms for a longer period of time. Direct sunlight will burn their foliage p4and encourage disease so give them the shade they enjoy.
  • Begonia also like diffused light without having direct sun. They like moderately moist soil and temperatures. An all-purpose fertilizer will keep them happy. They require trimming to maintain a compact look.
  • Peace lilies work well in low light, providing many blooms throughout the year. Keep soil moist along with moderate temperatures and a regular fertilizing schedule using general green plant fertilizer mixed with some organic matter.p5
  • Green foliage plants are a broad category of houseplant and include dracaena, rubber plants, ficus, pothos and more. They like bright indirect light, moderate moisture, and good drainage. Use green plant fertilizer to regularly feed them based on the manufacturer’s instructions.p6

Be sure to check out our line of green plants on our website as well as at all of our Memphis flower shops!