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We are living in some of the most challenging times that our country has ever known. Our country is in the midst of a full blown pandemic. These days, we seem to find ourselves wearing masks, washing our hands and using hand sanitizer all day long. Many states have mandated business and school lock downs, and just going to the grocery store and shopping in a mask all seems so foreign to us.

One thing in all of this will never change. That is the fact that we are Americans. Our country has a rich history of being able to innovate and adapt, even during the most difficult of times. We also love our celebrations. Especially traditions such as; Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Regardless of the environmental challenges we face, these holidays bind us all together in a way that only Americans can fully appreciate.

Why Flowers Are Important During Holiday Celebrations

People love beautiful, farm fresh flowers. We love the gorgeous, vibrant colors that a fresh flower bouquet can offer. Fresh flower arrangements also fill our homes with some amazing aromas. The floral industry has done study after study. In every case, people have noted that fresh flowers are one of the most popular and appreciated gifts they receive. During 2020, sending flowers to a friend or loved one is a great idea. With lockdowns, social distancing and general concerns about being in crowds, many people will not be shopping in stores this holiday season. They will be looking for great online options. One historically great option continues to be sending a gorgeous bouquet of farm fresh flowers. Flowers are guaranteed to deliver a smile.

Holiday Table Centerpieces

One of the most frequently purchased items from flower shops during the Christmas holidays are gorgeous holiday floral centerpieces. Historically, people have purchased beautiful holiday table centerpieces to adorn their kitchen or dining room tables. These centerpieces always provide the perfect decor. We would argue that this year should be no different. Even though you may not be hosting large parties or inviting large groups of people to your home to celebrate the holidays, the need for holiday celebration this year could not be more important. During challenging times, our great American traditions and celebrations are what often carries us through. This year, more than any other is the perfect time to adorn your tables with gorgeous, fresh flower holiday table centerpieces. A Christmas Table Centerpiece is also a great gift to send to a friend or loved one. Think about it for a moment. A beautiful, aromatic Christmas table centerpiece could really brighten the spirits of someone you cherish this holiday season.


A poinsettia plant is a great holiday decorating or gift idea. First, they are absolutely beautiful. This year, we have a great selection of gorgeous red poinsettia and white poinsettia plants. These beautiful plants have a long history of being part of our great American Christmas holiday season.  People all over the United States have come to love these gorgeous plants and many include them as part of their annual Christmas and New Years holiday celebration. Poinsettias come in many different sizes and are very easy to care for. We generally recommend they be kept indoors, as they are somewhat temperature sensitive. Poinsettias usually hold their blooms for several weeks, which is another reason they are such a great holiday decorating idea during the holidays. Most poinsettias can also affordably priced, which is why many churches, businesses and home owners love using them as part of their holiday decorations.

Don’t Let The Pandemic Dampen Your Celebration

If we look back through history, the United States has survived multiple world wars and navigated our way through several earth scattering pandemics. Not once during all those trying times did we fail to celebrate our great American traditions and holidays. This year should be no different. We may not be able to have a large group of people over for a big holiday meal or celebration, but we can still find ways to keep our traditions and celebrations alive and well. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and other end of year celebrations are part of the fabric of our country. They are holidays that must be celebrated, treasured and maintained throughout the years to come. Celebrate folks. Enjoy the moment, reflect on the wonderful gifts we have, not the pandemic or things that try to pull our spirits down. Holiday decorations can really help us all to feel the joy and love that should always accompany this very important time of year.

As for the pandemic, I think we all pretty much agree. We all should try to do our part. Lets wear our mask whenever we are out in public. The experts say that masks can help to protect us and those around us. They say we should wash our hands and use hand sanitizers as often as needed. The idea being to keep unwanted germs from building up on our hands. None of us want to catch this thing and none of us would ever want to spread it to another unsuspecting soul. Lets responsibly keep our businesses open so that we can serve our communities and provide for their needs. Most importantly, lets all agree that even during this challenging time, we are Americans. Strong, proud and patriotic. All in this together. Celebrating during the holiday season is really important. Maintaining our great American traditions is equally important and very much a part of who we are.

I believe that we owe it to our children and grand children to keep these traditions alive and well. Decorating our homes for the holidays is something that our kids have come to expect. This year should not be any different. We should decorate and celebrate. Holidays are a big part of what keeps the joy in our personal lives and helps fuel our national spirit and pride. This year, lets all decorate. If you want to include some gorgeous Fresh Flowers in your holiday decorations, we hope that you will check out our website or give us a call. It would be an honor to help you decorate your home this year. Flowers are so beautiful. They bring vibrant color to our world. Flowers add a wonderful sense of warmth to your holiday decorations. Not to mention that they fill your home with an aromatic scent that is just fabulous.