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Christmas floral products and related décor offer so much wonderment and holiday spirit to the season! Pugh’s Flowers sells only top quality, farm fresh and same day delivery Christmas Centerpieces, Wreaths and gifts. Interestingly, Christmas Centerpieces, Wreaths and decorations are not only festive but they also have a deep symbolism surrounding the Christmas season.

For example, the Christmas Wreath represents eternity. This is because of its circular shape which signifies it has no beginning and no end.  In addition, Christmas Wreaths are traditionally designed using evergreen leaves. The evergreen tree does not shed its leaves in the winter thus symbolizing eternal life.

The many colors of Christmas decorations have interesting meanings and are believed to date back to the 15th century. At that time in history in London, it was a custom that homes and parish churches display ivy, holly and other various natural decorations.  People felt that the heart-shaped leaves of ivy symbolized Jesus coming to earth and that holly provided protection against witches. Plus, its thorns and red berries represented the Crown of Thorns worn by Jesus at his crucifixion.

The intentional selection of red, green and gold decorations is by design also. Gold is one of the first colors associated with Christmas. It symbolizes royalty as it was one of the three gifts of the Wise Men. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus shed during crucifixion.

In 1839, a Lutheran priest came up with the idea to use a wagon wheel to symbolize the approach of Christmas. Using the wheel as the foundation, the priest would use red and white candles to reflect the Advent season. In the Roman Catholic Church, the season of Advent is four Sundays in December each one taking on a different theme:

  • On the First Sunday, the church looks forward to the Second Coming of Christ.
  • On the Second Sunday, the church reviews the message that John the Baptist preached. His message was for Christians to “prepare the way of the Lord”.
  • On the Third Sunday, which is referred to as Gaudete Sunday, the theme is again surrounding the joy Christians have by the coming of the Saviour.
  • On the Fourth Sunday, the theme is about Mary and Joseph and how the events led up to the birth of Jesus.

This holiday season, we invite you to shop in person or online and see the sensational holiday flowers and gifts at Pugh’s Flowers. See below where we have listed some examples of our wonderful selections:


Cinnamon Centerpiece – Cinnamon sticks adorn this fresh centerpiece with a single red taper candle. Roses and berries and lots of fresh pine greenery will make this festive and perfect for any table or buffet.

Traditional Blue and White – Celebrate Hanukkah with this lovely blue and white mix, very artistically done! This bouquet makes a great gift for the festival of lights.

Pugh’s Flowers has a great selection of Christmas Poinsettias and Holiday themed plants. Take a look at the gorgeous live Christmas plants we have. Do not see exactly what you are looking for? We invite you to stop by one of our four floral design centers located around the greater Memphis and Desoto County area to see our full Christmas collection.

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Pugh’s Flowers Cinnamon Centerpiece


This year, Hanukkah began at sunset on November 28th and ends at nightfall on December 6th. Pugh’s Flowers has memorable flowers and floral products to honor Hanukkah.  The Hebrew calendar uses the lunar cycle which results in Jewish holidays often changing dates annually. This religious Jewish holiday is an eight-day festival that has its basis surrounding the commemoration of the re-dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem. This re-dedication was the result of a group of Jewish warriors that defeated the Greek armies that were occupying the Temple.

This festival celebrates the triumph of light over darkness and of spirituality over materiality. To begin the celebration, the first candle of the menorah is lit. Then each night of Hanukkah one additional candle is lit. During the lighting of the menorah, people sing traditional Hanukkah songs, eat special foods unique to Hanukkah and exchange gifts. It is festive time attended and hosted by many people.



Pugh’s Flowers Traditional Blue and White Hanukkah Flowers


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