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National Floral Design Day is observed on February 28th this year. It is a great time to reflect on the hard work and talent Floral Designers put into their job.  People who have a real appreciation for art know that designing a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers takes skill, patience and artistry. For the most part, it is only these Floral Design artists that are able to create masterpieces that customers want to purchase.

Pugh’s Flowers employs people that have these unique talents. They know that flowers demonstrate a sense of caring which is the foundation for a great product. Floral Design Day actually began in 1995 when the Governor of Massachusetts proclaimed this National Floral Design Day.

Possessing a talent for artistry, the Floral Designers in the several billion-dollar floral industry space, are simply creative people. To become a Floral Designer, a person typically needs to be a high school graduate. Then there are numerous classes these individuals may take to further their knowledge and skill.  There is even a designation offered by The American Institute of Floral Designers for Certified Floral Designer.


Pugh’s Flowers Arrangements to Celebrate National Floral Design Day

The Floral Design team at Pugh’s Flowers is one of the most talented you will find in the Floral Industry. The fundamental job description for these folks, and others in the industry, would require that the Floral Designer possess:

  • Sufficient knowledge of flowers and plants to educate customers on proper care. Such detail as proper watering, sunlight and room temperatures are important for customers to be educated on. In addition, being capable to set customer expectations for the expected life cycle of their flower or plant purchase is critical.
  • Some knowledge of the wholesale acquisition of product. Pugh’s Flowers buys products from different farms. The Floral Designers have to understand that process.
  • Above all, the Floral Designer must possess a strong passion for caring and pride in artistry when creating flower arrangements for customers.


Flowers of all colors and types are artfully arranged in a clear glass vase and are always a favorite for their beauty and longevity. This one comes in three sizes, the more you spend, the more stems will come in your gift!  Flowers and stems will vary according to availability.


Popular Green, Flowering and Tropical Plants in Memphis Tennessee

Pugh’s Flowers is not just a flower shop. We offer one of the very best selections of green, flowering, succulent and tropical plants found anywhere in Memphis. Plants make great gifts! They are easy to care for and last a very long time. Long life ensures that the recipient will get to enjoy their gift for weeks and in some cases, months. Another great plus. Plants are an appropriate gift for a really wide variety of occasions.

Our flowering plant collection is really nice. We offer European Dish Gardens, Flowering Baskets, and seasonal blooming plant options. Our dish gardens and flowering baskets are popular options with shoppers in Memphis. Our dish gardens come in multiple sizes and make for great gifts.


Bud vases are not just for your buds but for anyone who needs a little hug, a “thanks”, a “thinking about you” or so much more. This mixed bud vase will be cheerful, loaded in a clear glass vase with assorted stems.




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