The trick to making Thanksgiving and Christmas home décor look thoughtful, cohesive and well planned is color. Period. No matter what you add to the room, there must be a main color to unify it to the room. To the eye, upon seeing the festive décor, the unified color will assimilate it automatically with the existing décor.
It’s easy to choose flowers and containers in colors matching your home décor. For example, if you have a burgundy and beige dining room and you want to add a spice of Thanksgiving to your table in a tasteful way, you must add burgundy. Simply ask Pugh’s Flowers to incorporate a touch of burgundy in the centerpiece in the container, flowers or foliage.
For Christmas, the same rule applies. Instead of red and green in your burgundy room, choose burgundy and sage green, or a palette of reds, burgundies and purples.
Another quick and easy trick is putting flowers into holiday décor items. A floral arrangement in a simple glass container looks even more festive when placed into another vessel that screams Thanksgiving, such as a cleaned out pumpkin, gourd or cornucopia. Other Thanksgiving container ideas: Wrap corn stalks around tall floral vases with raffia for a fall harvest look or place flowers in flour sifters or old mixing bowls to create a baking theme.
For Christmas, I once asked Pugh’s Flowers to create two tall holiday floral arrangements in glass vases. When I brought the floral arrangements home, I placed the flowers with their glass vases inside two big, black, shiny boots — just like Santa’s.
Here’s an idea that’s outside the box: Cover the container with flowers. Take what seems ordinary and cover it with flowers in the appropriate colors — voila, instant holiday décor.