Pugh’s Flowers would like to announce the Recycle the Vase Program going on now
through the end of December, 2013. Pugh’s will accept all usable vases and in
exchange, Pugh’s will pay $1 per vase, up to $20. Money will be loaded onto a
Pugh’s Flowers gift card with no expiration date. Gift cards can be used on
in-store merchandise or local orders. Vases are accepted at all three Pugh’s
Flowers locations. (2435 Whitten Rd., 5645 Poplar Ave., and 1622 Union

Recycling reduces trash in landfill sites, which cuts down on the
cost of waste disposal and the clearing of more land for new landfills when the
current landfills become too full to store any more waste. Recycling is an easy
and less expensive alternative to clearing more land for new landfills. This
program is encouraged to offer area residents a reward for their recycling
efforts. Vases will either be reused to spread more cheer, or taken to a local
glass recycling plant if reusing them is not an option.