The meaning of roses are very important. After all, you would hate to give someone a nice bouquet and have them come away thinking you’re just friends, if you wanted to get romantic! It’s especially critical when you are considering Valentine’s Day roses. The color and number of roses that you give have special significance and symbolism. Learn what each color represents, and how many you should give to express your innermost feelings. Click on colors to get more information:


Lets look at the meaning of color first.

  • Red: Red is the symbol of love. To give red roses says “I love you still”
  • White: Shows purity and innocence. They also represent humility, youthfulness and charm.
  • Blue: Unobtainable, impossible love.
  • Pink: To give pink roses shows grace, joy, and gratitude. Pale pink also has the meaning of fun attached to it.
  • Orange: Desire and enthusiam. These would be a great choice to give to someone if you want the relationship to develop further.
  • Yellow: Joy and friendship – yellow roses don’t specifically show love. They can also represent starting over,or a new beginning. Yellow tipped with red shows friendship falling in love.
  • Brown: Earth or wood. They can also mean friendship or appreciation.
  • Purple: Enchantment, mystery, or royalty.

How Many To Give?

The number of roses that you give is important. Convey the right message by giving the correct number of roses!

  • 1:Love at first sight – you are “the one”
  • 2:Mutual love and feelings
  • 3: Also says “I Love You”.
  • 7: Together for ever
  • 10:Represents perfection. To give someone 10 roses shows you feel that way about them.
  • 12:The standard for “be mine”. Often given on Valentines day, when for a married couple,actually 7 or 10 might be a better choice. (slightly cheaper as well! 😉
  • 13:A sign of enduring friendship
  • 15: Im sorry