Celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week in Memphis

The school year is nearly over, but a teacher’s work is never done. They work tirelessly throughout the year to help our kids and then get ready for their next full classroom of young learners. While it’s a small thing, celebrating National Teacher Appreciation Week is one way to say thank you for all they [...]

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Administrative Professionals Week in Memphis

It’s time to thank all the people in your company that work tirelessly on your behalf, driving its success. Your admins and virtual admins take care of all the details that add up to quite a big deal Thank them with a special gift on Wednesday, April 26th for Administrative Professionals Day or celebrate all [...]

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Celebrating Easter in Memphis

Easter is one of those holidays that hold a different meaning for people. For some, it is one of the most important holidays for the Christian faith. Others see it as a time to get together with family and friends for a delicious meal and a fun Easter egg hunt. Whatever the case, flowers make [...]

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Memphis Proms are On!

It’s prom time for seniors at high schools in Memphis, which means picking a date, dress, tux, limo and flowers. That includes a prom corsage and matching prom boutonniere. It’s a lot to think about and do, especially since you want the night to be memorable and round out your high school career. We can [...]

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