Want to enjoy your beautiful flower arrangement longer? It’s fairly easy to get a lot more life out of your fresh floral arrangement.  Here are the top 5 tips for extending the life of your fresh flowers.
  1. Change out the water. Gently pour out the water every other day and add fresh water. This is the best thing you can do.  Hold the stems in place and gently tilt the vase to drain the water in the sink. Simply fill it back up with fresh tap water.
  2.  Keep your arrangement out of direct sunlight.
  3.  Don’t place your flowers directly under a heat vent.
  4.  Check the water level daily, add water as needed. Some flower types like gerberas and sunflowers may drink an entire vase full of water in a single day!      
  5.  Take out any stems that are wilting. You can try to re-cut the end of the stem and place back in the arrangement. If that does not work just discard the dying stem. 

Pugh’s Flowers goes to great lengths to keep bacteria away from our flowers. We wash the buckets, cutting tools and anything that touches the stems with anti bacterial solution to prevent bacteria from growing in our arrangements. We also keep and use only fresh stems.  Pugh’s takes great pride in the quality and longevity of our beautiful arrangements.

Watch this short video to see one of our experienced designers speak about keeping your flowers longer.