With Valentine’s Day near, Pugh’s Flowers would like to help
get everyone in the mood for romance.  Here’s some fun legends and
truths about Valentine’s day that might interest you. Just a little
information about why we send gifts and why the color red is used. 

1. St. Valentine’s day dates back to the 14th century. The tradition of
sending Valentine cards has no relation to the original saints. It is
probable that the Valentine was the first of all greeting cards.
Paper Valentines date from the 16th century. By 1800 hand-painted copper
plates were produced to meet a large demand.These were followed by
woodcuts and lithographs.

2. Red, the color of Valentine’s Day, is equated with the heart, flesh,
and emotion. The emotions evoked by red are those that get the blood up,
from love and courage to lust, rage and joy.

3. The red rose, the
ultimate symbol of love, is said to have been created out of the
lifeless body of a nymph by Chloris, the Greek goddess of flowers. One
popular origin myth of Valentine’s Day is the imprisonment of a
christian, named Valentine, who was compassionate towards children. When
Valentine refused to worship the Roman gods, he was thrown in jail.
Children from all over wrote endearing messages and tossed them to
Valentine through the bars of his cell window. He later became St.

4. Giving candy on Valentine’s Day became popular in the late 19th century when sugarcane cultivation spread worldwide.
Chantilly Lace, a delicate trim of flowers and scrolls, is often the background fabric for cards,
candy and flowers on Valentine’s day.

5. Other flowers symbolizing love include red tulips – declaration of
love; honeysuckle – bonds of love; red carnation – passion, fascination
and pure love; and larkspur – ardent attachment.

Hallmark, the world’s largest greeting card company, helped create the
modern greeting-card industry, pioneering the sale of inexpensive
card-plus-envelope to replace the postcards and elaborate valentines.

7. An old English belief dictates that birds pick their mates on February 14th.

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