Depositphotos_32863353_m-2015Michael Pugh Travels To Washington, DC

On March 12, 2018, Michael Pugh, along with more than 90 other members of SAF (Society of American Florists), traveled to Washington, DC. Michael and the contingent from SAF, were there to meet with members of congress and their key congressional staff members. The SAF team was advocating for issues important to the overall health of the floral industry.

The SAF team has made this journey a number of times before. The goal being to speak with congressional leaders and to educate them on the issues that impact retail florists, wholesalers, growers and floral industry suppliers. Over the years, these visits to congress have enabled the floral industry to have their collective voices heard and to influence legislation and environmental factors that affect the health of the floral industry.

Michael Pugh, co-owner of Pugh’s Flowers, Pugh’s Earthworks and Rosie’s Pest Control, has made this journey numerous times. He has played an instrumental role in recruiting floral industry experts and SAF members, to participate in the annual session. Michael recently stated, “I come to Congressional Action Days because I believe that we as good citizens need to make a difference,” said Michael Pugh, AAF, of Pugh’s Flowers in Memphis, Tennessee. “The only way our elected representatives know what we’re thinking is if we come here and make our voices heard.”

Capitol Hill Building with tree, Washington DC.