We Encourage Our Staff To Dare To Dream Big


Angela BrownAngela Brown, CFD

Angela has had a big year in the floral industry. She took a trip to Las Vegas to participate in the American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium. It’s a week long event to showcase award winning designs, and to continue educating the advanced floral designer. Angela has dual CFD’s (certified floral designer) certifications, one from the Floral Design Institute and one from AIFD. She also just got the news that she was hired to work with Phoenix Decorating Company’s floral design team, preparing floats for the Rose Bowl Parade. Her big dreams are all coming true.




Marlow Pugh LongMarlowe Pugh Long

Marlowe Pugh Long grew up in the floral industry, as her father is the owner of Pugh’s Flowers. Her passion for floral design took her to Dallas, TX this year to attend an advanced design workshop by Jenny T Floristry. She is currently enrolled in the Floral Design Institute’s Advanced Design Course. Her desire to learn and grow as a floral designer is showing positive results in the work she is creating on a daily basis. Marlowe is also responsible for ordering Pugh’s Flower inventory and is exploring new trends in the business.


Jenny T Floristry 1Jenny T Floristry 2Jenny T Floristry

Jenny T Floristry is coming to conduct an advanced design workshop at Pugh’s Flowers in Memphis, August 31st through September 1st.  Our design team will be learning new techniques and trends in the design industry.  Pugh’s Flowers is dreaming BIG and we invite you to watch us grow!