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With the summer heat finally behind us, we can start to think about fall floral décor. As a professional florist, we like to recommend certain plants and flowers that look great with their colors and textures. Autumn is a great time to add some color to your home with these stylish fall flowers. They are perfect for adding pops of color to your décor, so you can enjoy them all season long! In this article we discuss our favorite options for Fashionable Fall Floral Products.



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Fall Fashionable Plants: These plants look beautiful year-round, but they are especially gorgeous during autumn when their leaves change colors from green to shades of red or yellow. They are also really easy to care for, so you do not have to worry about them getting too much or too little water.

  • Burro’s tail: This pretty succulent has green leaves that grow on tall, thin stems with red tips. It makes a great houseplant because it does not need much water or sunlight and can survive in almost any environment.
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)
  • Sage (Salvia officinalis) – also known as garden sage, this herb can be used in cooking and has fragrant foliage with blue flowers on it during the summer months.
  • Chrysanthemum – this perennial flower comes in many different varieties including single-flowered types, which bloom from May through November; double varieties with large flowers that have a bright yellow center surrounded by white petals; or “dwarf” mums that grow no higher than 2 feet tall. There are also several hybrids available at nurseries today such as ‘Helen Traubel’ which combines several colors into one plant!
  • Shasta Daisies – these perennials have bright yellow daisy-like flowers on them that are 2-3 feet in diameter. They grow best in full sun and can tolerate some shade, but need a lot of water to thrive Hollyhocks (Alcea rose) – these plants are known for their tall stalks of colorful flowers that are available in white, pink, purple or red. They grow best in full sun and need plenty of water throughout the growing season.

Fall Fragrant Flowers

Fall is the perfect time to use fragrant flowers in your home décor. The following are some of our favorites:

  • Lilies
  • Roses (especially red)
  • Orchids and other tropical flowers, such as geraniums, lavender, violets and jasmine
  • Peacock feathers and other ornamental Bird Ornamental feathers are a great way to add texture and color. They can be used in vases or as part of an arrangement.
  • Ferns are a great way to add texture and color. They can be used in vases or as part of an arrangement.

Fall Fragrant Plants

  • Alyssum -This annual flower is a great way to add fall color to your home. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil, and its blooming period lasts from late spring through early summer. It can be planted in containers or beds for an easy way to bring some freshness into your home during this time of year!
  • Chrysanthemum (mums) -Mums are commonly used as fall decor because they come in many different sizes, shapes and colors–each one unique in its own way! They are also easy to maintain just water them regularly until they die back in Winter (about 6 months).
  • When you are picking out a mum, try to choose one that has a strong stem and lots of leaves. Mums will last longer if they are in full bloom, so make sure that is the case. When you are ready to plant your mums, choose a location that has full sun and well-drained soil. Water them regularly until they die back in late fall (about 6 months).

Fall is the perfect time to add some crisp color and fragrance to your home. You can decorate with flowers, or you can use them as part of a bouquet. Here are some of the best fall flower options for any style Pumpkins – These orange-colored flowers have a sweet scent that will make your home smell like fall.

Fall Favorite Houseplants

If you are looking for a little something to bring that extra touch of warmth and fall spirit into your home, then consider adding some plants.

If you are not sure where to start, here are some easy-to-grow favorites:

  • Ficus trees
  • Bromeliads (also known as air plants)
  • Dracaena (both the Janet Craig variety and the Madagascar Dragon Tree)
  • Aloe Vera plants
  • Philodendrons (both the standard variety and the snake plant)
  • Pohtos vines

Fall Season Floral Arrangements

Fall Season Floral Arrangements are one of the most popular floral arrangements. They are also one of the most popular gifts during the fall season. These flowers are available in many different colors and styles, making them perfect for any occasion or event. The fall season is a great time of year to send flowers. It is when most people think about sending seasonal arrangements, and it is also when people are looking for gifts for their friends, family members, and other loved ones. These flowers make perfect presents for anyone because they are beautiful to look at and can last for many months after being placed in water The fall season floral arrangements are available in many different colors and styles. They can be made up of a variety of flowers, including roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and more.

Options for fall floral décor.

You may have heard that fall is a great time to decorate your home with flowers. This is true, but it is not just because of the warm colors of leaves and pumpkins. Fall flowers are also beautiful, available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes–and they come in many fragrances!

  • You can use them to make bouquets for yourself or as gifts for family members who live far away from you. You could even make them into centerpieces for parties like Thanksgiving dinner (or any other kind). The options are endless when it comes to fall floral décor–so let’s get started!
  • You may know that there are many different types of flowers in the world. Some are small and delicate; others are large and showy. Some have beautiful colors like reds, purples and oranges; others are white or greenish white.
  • Some flowers are fragrant, while others are not. Most of the time, you can find a variety of flowers that work well together in one arrangement or bouquet. For example, if you are making an arrangement with carnations and chrysanthemums, both of which have a long vase life (meaning they will last for several days without wilting), then you might also want to add some other type of flower such as roses or daisies so that the arrangement does not look too plain or boring.


There are many options for fall floral décor, and the best part about it is that you can use any of these ideas to create a beautiful centerpiece for your table. The best thing about fall flowers is that they will last longer than other types of flowers because they have thicker stems and leaves which protect them from dying quickly like roses do in summertime heat. So, if you are looking for something special this season, please shop with us in store our online!



Pugh’s Flowers Offers Fashionable Fall Floral Products for Home or Office

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This Autumn themed fresh flower bouquet features alstroemeria, eucalyptus, roses, full bloom white hydrangea and other Fall themed floral accents. Our design staff expertly nestles all these gorgeous blooms and accents into a stylish glass vase.




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