Consumer Insight to Best Seller Floral Products

Pugh's Flowers The world of floristry is no less than the garden of creativity. With vibrant bouquets, stunning centerpieces, and innovative designs, florists paint the world with nature’s most captivating palette—flowers. But in the sea of botanical beauty, which blooms are making the biggest splash? If you are a floral enthusiast, a gift shopper, or [...]

Celebrating Easter with Flourishing Blooms: A Guide to the Best Easter Flowers and Plants

Pugh's Flowers Easter, a time of rebirth, renewal, and the beginning of spring, is the perfect occasion to adorn your home with the freshest flowers and most vibrant plants. This festive season is not just about colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies; it's also about the natural beauty and symbolism that flowers and plants bring to [...]

Celebrate with Green Elegance: Saint Patrick’s Day Floral Products

Pugh's Flowers Are you ready to usher in the greenest day of the year with floral charm? Saint Patrick's Day is not just a celebration of Irish heritage; it is a vibrant festivity filled with rich cultural symbolism and a stunning array of fresh blooms and greenery. For flower enthusiasts, event planners, or anyone aiming [...]

The Lost Art of ‘Just Because’ Floral Gifts: Reigniting Joy in Daily Gestures

Pugh's Flowers In our fast-paced, notification-cluttered lives, the art of thoughtful gift-giving is often overshadowed by the convenience of digital "thank you" notes and brief texts. But there's a particular charm in receiving a gift for no specific reason—just because someone was thinking of you. When it comes to meaningful, spontaneous gestures, nothing quite captures [...]

Navigating the Language of Loss: Heartfelt Sympathy Flowers

Pugh's Flowers The loss of a loved one is a poignant chapter in the narrative of life. In those profound moments, where words often fail and emotions run deep, symbols carry a weight that language cannot aspire to shoulder alone. This is where the quiet, yet poignant language of flowers makes itself heard most beautifully, [...]

The Celebration of National Weddings Month: A Comprehensive Guide to start 2024 Wedding Planning

Pugh's Flowers February symbolizes a plethora of sentiments: from love and romance to the promise of spring. A lesser known but equally poignant celebration is National Weddings Month, a dedication to the journey of love that culminates in the sacred unity of marriage. For many, the wedding planning process is as graceful and important as [...]

Shop for World Class Summer Flowers and Plants at Pugh’s Flowers

Pugh's Flowers offers the best selection of your summer favorites in Memphis Be ready to celebrate the start of the summer season on June 21st by purchasing Summer Flowers and Plants from Pugh's Flowers.  Our arrangements are perfect for inside your home and outside on your patio. Flowers and Plants are a great way to [...]

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The Pugh’s Flowers Designers Created Beautiful Rose Bouquets for National Rose Month

Pugh's Flowers imports the freshest cut flowers daily from around the world for our flower delivery Pugh's Flowers is the best florist to purchase from when you need fresh Roses. Our team of award - winning Floral Designers has created rose arrangements of all types and colors.  June is National Rose Month and is the [...]

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Shop Glorious Spring Flowers and Plants at Pugh’s

Spring is in full bloom here in Memphis. We are starting to enjoy some warmer weather and more sunshine. This gives us all hope that we are turning a corner and working toward getting back to some normal work and life activities. To add color to your life and those around you, consider shopping our [...]

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Paying Tribute to Our Armed Forces Heroes on Veterans Day

Veterans Day is November 11th, and it's that important day where we stop and pay tribute to the amazing men and women who put themselves at risk to ensure our freedom as a country and as citizens. Our veterans and even those still on active duty in the Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army, and Coast [...]

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